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Literary Porn Goddess Emme Hor

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Really Dirty Hardcore Erotica from the Queen of Literary Porn

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Girls Carrying Books' Literary Porn Creates Personal Porn Operas

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12 May 2015 -- New York -- One of the best things about Asian women is the cute color of their nipples. Western guys tend to love that shade and go crazy pounding the literary shit out of them in their own personal porn operas. Free sex between the races is nothing new, but the style of some of the Girls Carrying Books books' writing is most definitely unique and nothing short of hardcore XXX.

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Go to 4:47 on the video to see the special Asian nipples that Western guys love

Literary Porn Erotica featuring rough sex by Emme Hor

That Beefhead
Literary Porn Erotica featuring rough sex by Emme Hor

This book is loaded with rough sex. It features a boyfriend who loves using his girlfriend. He makes her do all kinds of things--blow him in public, and then pulls the houdini (see urban dictionary if necessary) while they are fucking in a movie theater--until she is fed up with that asshole (beefhead, in the Saint Amazon version). It's another riotous, scandalous, literary attack by Emme Hor -- the Queen of Erotic Porn. Google her name for Free Stuff. (Uncut, Literary PORN version for sale now)

Also coming soon is Futadelic - The Power of Potion

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Discover More
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