Saturday, July 11, 2015

SPANKable Productions is proud to add an author to the literary erotica cadre


by Moctezuma Johnson

Ao grows a dick thanks to a potion created by Peter Engles. She was a bar girl and all the pent up resentment turns her into the nastiest of sexual predators. This novelette features girls with dicks, anal sex, rough oral, three ways, and a few other twists and turns guaranteed to keep you up on the edge of your seat.

That Beefhead

by Emme Hor

Heather is mistreated by her man. This leads to one of the most sexual, bizarre, and embarrassing situations. See if she works her way out of trouble in the office bathroom or if she'll need her co-worker's help.

Pool Pussycat

by Red Pesca

Brand new erotica author Red Pesca writes a story about a hot, Asian, trophy wife. The thing is that she never meant to be a trophy wife but her husband's gambling leads her into a situation that she was always secretly hoping to get into. The bet is she will get used in public, on the pool table if her husband loses a game he knows he will win.

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